Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mirror-Mirror on The Wall...

.....A GIVEAWAY for the greatest blogger of them all....

It seems I've far too many clothes, and could do with sorting out my abode...CSN have been helping me out, and are now giving me the opportunity to do a fabulous giveaway! Leave your name/blog/email in the comments...the winner will be picked this time next week! I've been hitting up the mirrors, dressing tables and wardrobes....but they've got some amaaaaaaazing chandeliers too that i just MUST get my hands on!!


just a couple of my favourites from the CSN Stores, check out their sites for more....and leave your deets below for a chance of winning the giveaway my lovelies. 

Mid-Winter Dreams.

The colours, textiles and emotions are so so perfect in Novembers Paris Vogue. Currently dreaming about becoming a bohemian beauty with a house in the french countryside,  playing dressup with adorable style-child. 

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Breathe Me. Or breathe her, shes amaze.

I love Sia, through all her stages, but right now i can't get enough...of not only her incredibly effortless voice and surprisingly up-beat new tunes... but of her adorable style, powerful enough to out-cute a pokemon. Feast your eyes.

now watch, listen, love <3

watch all of her videos, especially breathe me.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


 Look at these bold, bright beaus! absolutely love the SS2011 collection from Holly Fulton-  a range she brands as , 'geometric pattern lavished onto simply cut garments; big, luxurious, simple shapes with bold jewellery; bejewelled crystallised dresses and an eclectic mix of modern materials'

Here's my faves. 
Someone get me the skyblue mini dress!


Check out Holly Fulton's website here, she's also available on ASOS, and presented her present and upcoming collections at London Fashion Week earlier this month.


It feels like a Monday. 
Vintage sparkle, pastel colours and oversized hair bows- every 3yr old girls dream.
Never gets old.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

So it begins...

Eternal Freedom! (at weekends!) yay!!!

  sessions of tea's, iced coffees, numerous sailor jerrys, hours of gallivanting, roses, lavender,vogues and lipsticks later, chums retire to the comfort of their homes to listen to westlife and eat chicken. 

ahh sundays! <3

Saturday, 9 October 2010


My last slice of summer-pie!

There's something vivacious in the air out there, whilst feeling free and letting loose- beaming super sunkissed pins and draped in light floaty fabrics.

Most of all my little advocates.

Tea-dress & Cake?

The last of the summer dresses (sob).
Bring out the chunky socks,winter shorts, fat knits and cosy nights with the kettle!
In memory of you teeny weeny dresses and fresh florals, see you next year;