Wednesday, 1 December 2010

'Last Friday Night'

The beautiful people at O.P.I have got me all of a fluster; just a lick of paint and I'm flaunting my Katy Perry alter-ego- well my nails are at least...

The Katy Perry for O.P.I collection comes in 5 sparkly sweet shades, (with a fierce cracking black topcoat that Im dying to get my claws on), and I'm lucky enough to give a test run to one of my favourite shades before it hits the stores in the New Year!

Like all O.P.I varnish, this stuff it TOUGH and built to last; it may seem thin at first, but a few rounds later and this glitteryglue is here for the long haul! Perfect! I've opted for 'Last Friday Night'; apparently Katy's Fridays reflect as much glamour as the Heart of the Ocean, and are packed full with enough glitter to feed a fairy for a this shade proves....

My eyes are actually permanently fixated on my nails, I don't even think the photos do the colour justice, its like staring into a pool of diamonds or some shit.
This collection just has to be everyones first purchase of 2011!! 
But up until then....festive finger tips with the O.P.I limited edition Burlesque range will do jussst fine!

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